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Welcome to “Skip the Games,” where thrilling experiences await and boredom is a thing of the past. This lively oasis raises the bar for entertainment above the usual arcade scene.

From Pixels to Playground

 With a long history of innovation, “Skip the Games” is always coming up with new and exciting ways to provide players with the best possible gaming experiences. Our modest arcade refuge soon gave way to a vast playground filled with intense racing simulators, immersive VR worlds, and challenging escape rooms.

Your Guide to Gaming Nirvana

The key to unlocking the mysteries of “Skip the Games” is this article. We will expose the best bargains, sort through the hidden treasures, and give you insider knowledge to make the most of your time. Get ready to be awed, challenged, and eventually hooked by the exhilarating “Skip the Games” universe.

Milwaukee Meltdown

Opening Doors to Adventure at Skip the Games Dive into a dynamic playground of virtual reality experiences, adrenaline racing simulators, and thought-provoking escape rooms to escape the ordinary. In Milwaukee, Skip the Games reinvents the fun of the arcade with heart-pounding experiences for lone adventurers and thrilling fights for victorious teams.

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Skip the Game VA: The Ultimate Destination for Fun

Level Up Your Life

Take Over Fun at the Ultimate Gaming Paradise in Milwaukee – Skip the Games is where cutting-edge technology meets thrilling adventures, so forget about pixelated throwbacks. Take off in cutting-edge spacecraft, scale Mount Everest in virtual reality, or solve codes in escape rooms with a theme. Unforgettable memories and unbeatable value await at Milwaukee’s ultimate gaming haven.

Prepare to Be Blown Away:

A Universe of Play

Prioritize enjoyment over genres! We have options to satisfy every palate. With everything from intense zombie shootouts to virtual reality travels through ancient Rome, our vast game selection is sure to satisfy your inner thrill-seeker.

Beyond the Screen

“Skip the Games” is about immersive experiences, not just controllers and pixels. In our racing simulators, experience the wind tearing through your hair; in escape rooms, work with friends; or just lose yourself in the amazingly lifelike virtual reality worlds.

Fan Favorites

Some games just command attention. Get ready to dominate the leaderboards in our state-of-the-art laser tag arena, unleash your inner detective in our fantastic escape rooms, or ascend to the summit of Mount Everest in our incredible virtual reality experience. 

Score big with savings:

Play Smart, Pay Less

Our pricing structure is designed to keep the fun flowing without breaking the bank. Choose from hourly passes, unlimited play packages, or group discounts to fit your budget and thirst for adventure.

Deals galore

Keep your eyes peeled for special offers and themed events. Game nights, family discounts, and exclusive bundles will make you feel like you just hit the jackpot (without the sticky fingers).

Unbeatable Value

Compare “Skip the Games” to the competition, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We offer more excitement, more variety, and more value for your buck, making us the ultimate bang for your gaming buck.

Master the Game

Fuel Up for Fun

Don’t forget to recharge! Our on-site cafe offers delicious snacks and refreshing drinks to keep your energy levels up and your spirits soaring.

Team Up or Go Solo

“Skip the Games” caters to all styles. Bring your squad for an epic multiplayer showdown, or tackle challenging solo missions at your own pace. The choice is yours, and the excitement is guaranteed.

Maximizing Your Mayhem

Check our website or download our app for real-time wait times, game recommendations, and insider tips to navigate the arcade like a pro.


What kind of games are at Skip the Games?

Disregard drab, outdated arcades! Skip the Games has tons of awesome stuff, like:

  • Virtual reality adventures: without getting up from your seat, explore alien planets, scale mountains, or even fend off zombies! 
  • Racing simulators: Take off in a virtual roller coaster, drift around hairpin turns, or blast off in futuristic spacecraft.
  • Escape rooms: Work with friends to solve puzzles and decipher codes before the timer goes off!
  • Prepare for an incredible laser battle in our bright arena with laser tag. Avoid attacks, work as a team to plan, and take the top spot on the leaderboard!
  • And a whole lot more! There is something for everyone here, including pool tables, dance floors, air hockey, and vintage arcade games!

How much does it cost to play?

We provide choices to fit every budget! You can choose:

  • Hourly passes: Ideal for a brief entertainment period.
  • Unlimited play packages are perfect for serious gamers as they allow them to play for a single, all-day fee.
  • Discounts for groups: Get your friends together to save money on group passes.

In addition, we frequently offer family discounts, game nights, and themed events. Keep an eye out for them on our website or app!

What are some tips for making the most of my visit?

These are a few insider tips:

  • Fill up: Before starting the games, stop by our cafe for a snack and a beverage.
  • Collaborate with others or go it alone: Engage in thrilling group combat or take on solitary tasks at your own speed.
  • Check the wait times: To find out which games have the shortest lines, download our app.
  • Request assistance: We have a welcoming staff that is always happy to answer your inquiries and suggest games you will enjoy.


“Skip the Games” is more than just an arcade; it is a doorway to countless hours of entertainment, belly laughs, and priceless memories. To create the ultimate gaming paradise, we have combined cutting-edge technology, thrilling games, and unbeatable value.

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