Don’t Toss Custom Toy Boxes! Transform Them Into Something Amazing

The word “toy” conjures up images of pleasure and delight. We still have a particular place in our hearts for toys that were a big part of our childhood. As kids become older, they frequently accumulate a lot of toys. As parents, you often struggle to store them appropriately. 

Custom toy boxes serve this purpose well! These boxes give the toys a secure place to be stored and enhance the room’s appearance. Unfortunately, the custom printed boxes are often tossed away once the kids outgrow their toys.  But you can create incredible things with these personalized toy boxes in various ways.

This blog will discuss some creative ways by which you can upcycle custom boxes to make the environment sustainable. So, get ready for this roller coaster ride!

  1. Create a Memory Box

One of the most significant advantages of toy boxes is that they can be designed to suit your needs. You can use this advantage by creating a memory box. So what do you have to do? Take old custom-made toy boxes and add a few personal touches. 

For example, you can imprint it with your favorite colors. You can also add stickers or use decoupage techniques to give it a unique look. Once you have decorated it, you can store your child’s most cherished items, like photos and drawings. 

  1. Transform It Into a Chic Storage Box

Toy boxes are designed to store toys but can be used for much more. For example, you can use them as storage boxes for your clothes, shoes, books, or any other items that need organizing. When you use a toy box as a storage solution, you not only save money but also reduce waste. 

  1. Convert It Into a Play Kitchen

If you’re crafty, turn your custom toy boxes into a play kitchen for your kids. All you have to do to transform it into a kitchen is paint it and add a few shelves, hooks, and knobs. Add some toy kitchen supplies like a miniature refrigerator, oven, and stove to finish the theme. This will provide your kids with endless opportunities for imaginative play. It will transform their old toy box into something fresh and fun.

  1. Turn It Into a Pet Bed

If you have a pet at home, you may turn your toy box into a bed for them. All you have to do is set the box comfortably and put a cushion or a small mattress on the bottom. This will offer a cozy and secure area for your pet to rest and sleep.

  1. Create a Planter Out of a Toy Box

Your custom toy packaging boxes can be turned into a planter if you have a green thumb. Create a few drainage holes, add soil, and plant flowers or herbs. This can revitalize your old bespoke toy box and add a gorgeous touch to your landscape.

  1. Transform It Into a Bookshelf

If you have a child who loves to read, why not transform your old custom toy box into a bookshelf? All you need to do is add a few shelves to the box. And then, you have a fantastic new place to store your child’s books. You can even paint the box to match your child’s room decor. Finally, add stickers and ribbons to give your bookshelf a more personalized appearance. 

  1. Create a Dollhouse

If your kid enjoys playing with dolls, you can transform your old toy box into a dollhouse. Simply remove the windows and doors, add some interior paint or wallpaper, and you’re done. Your kid can play with a brand-new dollhouse that you have. You can also decorate the dollhouse with ribbons and barbies stickers to make it unique. 

  1. Use It as a Toy Storage Bench

Convert old custom toy boxes into a storage bench. The inside can keep your child’s toys, and the top can be given a cushion to serve as a seat. Since it combines storage and sitting, this is a fantastic option for tiny rooms.

  1. Create a Shadow Box

Toy boxes explicitly made for toys are the ideal size for a shadow box. It can be used to display your child’s preferred toys, collectibles, or mementos. For a lovely and distinctive display, paint the box, add some artistic accents, and hang it on the wall.

  1. Transform It Into a Birdhouse

An old, custom toy box can be converted into a birdhouse if you’re searching for a fun DIY project. The only things left to complete are installing a roof, creating an entrance hole, and adding perches. You can even paint the house to match your outdoor decor. 

  1.  Make It a Shadow Puppet Theater

Create a shadow puppet theater out of old personalized toy boxes. Cut out a rectangle on one side of the box, and then tape a white sheet to the back. Your child will enjoy hours of fun making shadow puppet performances if you use a lamp to beam light through the sheet.

Bottom Line!

For parents who wish to keep their children’s toys tidy and accessible, custom toy boxes are an excellent investment. Toy boxes, on the other hand, frequently get thrown out as the kids outgrow their toys. This is a waste of resources and money. Instead, you can save money and help the environment by turning an old toy box into something unique. 

The possibilities are unlimited, whether you build a toy kitchen, a storage box, a pet bed, a memory box, or a planter. So instead of throwing away your personalized toy boxes, give them a new lease on life.

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