How does social media play a role in depression

How does social media play a role in depression

 Social media can potentially play a part in depression in several ways. Social media platforms frequently present a malformed view of reality, where people tend to showcase the highlights of their lives. This can lead to social comparison, where individualities compare their own lives to the putatively perfect lives of others. Constant exposure to these curate representations can make people feel shy, adding passions of low tone- regard and depression. 

The vision of Perfection Navigating Social Comparison on Social Media 

 Fear of missing out (FOMO) 

Cyber bullying and importunity Social media platforms 

Sum- up 

The thing is to give a humorous take on FOMO while reminding people that it’s okay to miss out occasionally and find joy in their own unique experiences. Remember, the key is to produce content that’s genuine, relatable, and promotes a positive and healthy mindset. By fastening on individuality, authenticity, and particular growth, you can contribute to a more positive and uplifting social media terrain. 

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