How to Breed Congle: A Step-by-Step Guide


In the spell-binding realm of My Singing Monsters, breeding monsters is an essential aspect of gameplay, allowing players to extend their musical menagerie and unencumber a symphony of sounds. Among the numerous array of monsters to be had, Congle stands proud as a triple-detail monster, possessing a unique mixture of Cold, Water, and Air elements. With its charming look and melodious voice, Congle is a prized addition to any monster collection.

Breeding Requirements

Congle, like many other hybrid monsters in My Singing Monsters, isn’t always located inside the wild however alternatively through the system of breeding. To carry this enthralling creature to existence, two particular monsters are required: Mammott and Quibble.

Mammott, a Cold and Earth monster, is a not unusual sight on Plant Island, acknowledged for its deep, resonant bass tones. Quibble, however, is a Water and Air monster, residing on Ethereal Island and contributing its ethereal harmonies.

Breeding Process

Gather the Required Monsters

Before embarking on the journey to reproduce Congle, make certain that each Mammott and Quibble are found in your Monster Collection. If both monsters is lacking, awareness of breeding and acquiring them first.

Select the Breeding Cave

With Mammott and Quibble for your ownership, head to the Breeding Cave. Choose a Breeding Cave that is currently unoccupied, taking into consideration a smooth and uninterrupted breeding manner. Consider upgrading the Breeding Cave to enhance the possibilities of successful breeding.

Initiate the Breeding Process

Place Mammott and Quibble into the chosen Breeding Cave. Confirm the breeding mixture and await the incubation duration to start. During this time, the Breeding Cave will showcase a visual representation of the breeding procedure, hinting at the coming near arrival of the new monster.

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Incubation Period

The incubation length for Congle is 12 hours. This duration allows the breeding method to complete, transforming the combined elements of Mammott and Quibble into the unique form of Congle.

Hatching and Placement

Once the incubation duration is complete, the Breeding Cave will proudly display a Congle egg. With anticipation, tap on the egg to hatch it, revealing the newly hatched Congle. Carefully vicinity the Congle in your favored island or habitat, allowing it to make contributions of its captivating melodies to the island’s soundscape.

Additional Tips

To beautify the probabilities of efficaciously breeding Congle, don’t forget these treasured hints:

  • Utilize Torches: Equip torches across the Breeding Cave to boost the breeding achievement rate.
  • Nourish the Monsters: Feed Mammott and Quibble to enhance their happiness tiers, which could indirectly have an impact on breeding success.
  • Leverage Zynth’s Enhanced Breeding: If available, don’t forget the use of Zynth’s better breeding characteristic, which provides a higher opportunity of breeding Congle.


How do you breed a Congle in My Singing Monsters? 

Congle is a triple-element monster that may be bred by combining two monsters with Cold, Water, and Air factors. The excellent breeding aggregate is Pango + Toe Jammer, as failing and breeding a Toe Jammer helps you to retry the combination almost right away.

How do you 100% breed a Congle?

 There is not any assured manner to breed a Congle monster with 100% fact. However, you could boom your chances of breeding a Congle employing the use of the satisfactory breeding combination of Pango + Toe Jammer.

How do you breed a Congle riff? 

Congle Riff is an unprecedented variation of Congle that may be bred by combining a Congle and a Rare Congle monster.

How do you breed an extraordinary Congle?

 Rare Congle is a rare variation of Congle that may be bred by way of combining a Tweedle and a Maw monster 13. However, other breeding combinations for a Common Congle also can potentially make a Rare Congle.


Congratulations on effectively breeding Congle! With its unique combo of elements and charming melody, Congle is a precious addition to your Monster Collection. Continue exploring the sector of My Singing Monsters, unlocking new monsters, and expanding your musical haven.

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