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How to Clean Prefinished Hardwood Floors: A Comprehensive Guide

Prefinished hardwood floors offer a beautiful and durable flooring option for homeowners. These factory-finished wood planks come with protective coatings that make them resistant to scratches and stains, ensuring a long-lasting and elegant appearance. To maintain the beauty and integrity of your prefinished hardwood floors, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into what prefinished hardwood is, explore the pros and cons of choosing this type of flooring, highlight the differences between unfinished and prefinished wood, and provide detailed instructions on how to clean and care for prefinished hardwood floors. Additionally, we will discuss the best cleaning products and share some valuable tips to keep your floors looking pristine.

What is Prefinished Hardwood?

Prefinished hardwood is a type of flooring that undergoes a finishing process in a controlled factory environment before it is installed in homes or commercial spaces. Unlike unfinished hardwood, which is installed as raw wood and requires on-site sanding and finishing, prefinished hardwood arrives at the site with the finish already applied. This makes it ready for use immediately after installation, without the need for additional finishing work.

The prefinishing process involves applying multiple layers of protective sealants to the surface of the wood planks. These sealants are usually made of materials such as polyurethane, UV-cured urethane, or aluminum oxide. The purpose of these protective coatings is to enhance the wood’s natural beauty while providing exceptional resistance against scratches, stains, and fading. As a result, prefinished hardwood floors are known for their durability and longevity.

During the factory finishing process, the wood planks go through meticulous sanding and staining to achieve a uniform appearance. This ensures that the flooring has a consistent color and finish throughout, avoiding variations in the wood’s appearance that can sometimes occur with on-site finishing.

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Pros and Cons of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring:


Time-Saving Installation: 

Prefinished hardwood floors come ready to be installed, eliminating the need for on-site sanding and finishing. This significantly reduces the installation time and allows for immediate use after installation.

Durable Finish: 

The factory-applied finish provides exceptional resistance against scratches, stains, and fading, ensuring the longevity of the flooring and reducing the need for frequent refinishing.

Low-VOC Emissions: 

The controlled factory environment ensures that the finish is applied using low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) or no-VOC products, contributing to better indoor air quality during and after installation.

Uniform Appearance:

Prefinished hardwood offers a consistent and uniform appearance throughout the entire floor, as the finishing process is done in a controlled setting.


Limited Customization: 

Unlike unfinished hardwood, prefinished floors come with predetermined finishes, limiting the level of customization in terms of stain color and finish options.

Visible Seams: 

The seams between prefinished planks may be more noticeable compared to unfinished floors, which are sanded and finished on-site, resulting in a seamless look.

Differences Between Unfinished and Prefinished Wood:

It’s essential to understand the differences between unfinished and prefinished wood to make an informed decision for your flooring needs:

Finishing Process:

Unfinished Wood

Unfinished hardwood is installed as raw wood and requires on-site sanding and finishing. This process offers greater flexibility in customizing the stain color and finish.

Prefinished Wood: Prefinished hardwood is finished in a controlled factory environment. The multiple layers of protective coating provide enhanced durability and a ready-to-use surface after installation.

Installation Time:

Unfinished Wood 

The on-site sanding and finishing process for unfinished wood can be time-consuming and may cause some inconvenience during the installation period.

Prefinished Wood: Prefinished hardwood floors are quick to install, saving time and allowing homeowners to use the space immediately after installation.


Unfinished Wood: 

Unfinished floors require additional time for the finishing process, resulting in longer downtime before the floors can be used.

Prefinished Wood: 

Prefinished floors offer convenience and immediate use without the need for additional finishing work.

How to Clean Prefinished Hardwood Flooring
Dusting (How to clean prefinished hardwood floors)

Dusting your prefinished hardwood floors regularly is essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris that can scratch the surface. Use a soft microfiber dust mop or a vacuum cleaner with a floor brush attachment to gently remove dust and dirt. Avoid using traditional brooms with stiff bristles, as they may scratch the finish.

Wet Mopping (How to clean prefinished hardwood floors)

Wet mopping is an integral part of cleaning prefinished hardwood floors, but it’s crucial to do it correctly to avoid excess water. Follow these steps for effective wet mopping:

Use a pH-neutral hardwood floor cleaner: 

Choose a cleaning solution specifically designed for prefinished hardwood floors. Avoid using harsh chemicals, vinegar, ammonia, or wax-based products, as they can dull the finish and leave residues on the surface.

Lightly dampen the mop

Dip a microfiber mop into the cleaning solution and wring it out thoroughly. The mop should be damp, not soaking wet, to prevent excessive water from seeping into the seams.

Mop in the direction of the wood grain: 

Mop the floor in the direction of the wood grain to avoid streaks and water pooling.

Dry the floor immediately: 

After mopping a section of the floor, dry it immediately with a clean, dry microfiber cloth or towel to remove any excess moisture.

Get Streak-Free Floors (How to clean prefinished hardwood floors)

Streaks on prefinished hardwood floors can be unsightly. To avoid streaks during cleaning:

Choose the right mop: Opt for a microfiber mop with a flat head design, as it provides better contact with the floor surface and minimizes streaking.

  • Avoid using excessive cleaning solution: Using too much cleaning solution can leave streaks on the floor. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper dilution and application.
  • Change mop pads regularly: If the mop pad becomes dirty or saturated with cleaning solution, replace it with a clean one to avoid spreading residue and streaks.

Remove Streaks (How to clean prefinished hardwood floors)

If streaks do occur, you can easily remove them by following these steps:

  • Dampen a microfiber cloth with water: Make sure the cloth is only slightly damp, not wet.
  • Gently wipe the affected area: Use the damp cloth to wipe the streaked surface in the direction of the wood grain. Avoid applying excessive pressure, as it may damage the finish.
  • Dry the floor: After removing the streaks, dry the area immediately with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Polishing (How to clean prefinished hardwood floors)

Polishing your prefinished hardwood floors periodically can help enhance their shine and maintain their luster. Follow these steps for effective polishing:

Use a hardwood floor polish: Choose a polish specifically formulated for prefinished hardwood floors. Avoid using furniture polish or wax, as they may leave a residue on the surface.

Apply the polish in small sections: Apply the polish to a small section of the floor at a time, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Buff the floor: Use a clean microfiber cloth or a buffer to evenly distribute the polish and achieve a glossy finish.

The Best Cleaning Products for Prefinished Hardwood Floors:

  • Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner: A popular choice for its pH-neutral formula and gentle cleaning action.
  • Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner: Environmentally friendly and effective for regular cleaning.
  • Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner: Suitable for removing tough stains without damaging the finish.
  • Microfiber Mop: Ideal for dusting and light mopping, it traps dirt and prevents scratching.

Other Prefinished Hardwood Cleaning Tips:

Use Rugs and Mats:

Place area rugs and doormats at entrances and high-traffic areas to trap dirt and moisture, preventing them from reaching the hardwood floor.

Trim Pet Nails:

Keep your pets’ nails trimmed to avoid scratches on the hardwood surface.

Rearrange Furniture:

Periodically move furniture to prevent uneven wear on the floor’s finish.

Avoid High Heels:

Discourage wearing high-heeled shoes on prefinished hardwood floors, as they can cause dents and scratches.


Properly cleaning and maintaining prefinished hardwood floors is essential to preserving their beauty and durability. Regular dusting, proper wet mopping, and choosing the right cleaning products will keep your prefinished hardwood floors looking their best for years to come. Remember to take care of spills promptly, avoid excess water, and consider occasional polishing to maintain the floor’s natural luster and beauty. With the right care and attention, your prefinished hardwood floors will remain a stunning and timeless addition to your home.

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