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How to Upgrade Your Home to Look Like New

Upgrading an old house is a paradox. On one hand, you give your home a unique personality without even using décor or furniture. But on the other hand, it isn’t easy to align and upgrade a home with your specific taste.

Carpeted bathrooms and popcorn ceilings may make a home feel stuffy and old. It might be frustrating when you want to make updates, but everything seems to point to costly installations and renovations.

While it may sound impossible to change the overall appearance of a home without making a large investment or some sort of demolition, the following updates can help a lot:

  1. Apply Painting

Painting is an effective way of changing a home’s appearance and might be your greatest weapon against an old home. We’re not just talking about painting walls. It is important to paint walls to suit your taste and style, but you can still do many things with paint.

For instance, you can paint the front door. This way, you can add some character and a bold pop of color to your own home.

  1. Replace Faucets in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Most homes still have basic taps that already lost lustre. This make homes feel outdated, and important rooms, like the kitchen and bathrooms, feel tired.

If taps in your home have stopped sparkling, find a bathrooms & kitchen company to replace them with attractive and quality pieces. This way, you make your home feel new without spending a lot.

  1. Install New Lighting

Good lighting gives rooms life. Poorly lit rooms look cramped, dark, and small, whereas brightly lit rooms appear welcoming, airy, and open.

You can brighten up a home using lights in various ways. The simplest way is to buy floor and table lamps and strategically put them in dark corners.

Another way is to replace outdated ceiling fixtures with a couple of beautiful, modern masterpieces available in the market.

  1. Hang Beautiful Curtains

Hanging beautiful curtains can improve your home in several ways. They reduce noise, help in light management, and make the space look beautiful.

Buying curtains doesn’t have to be expensive. Try buying them online or on clearance shelves. You can also watch a few DIY video tutorials to make some at home.

  1. Add Mirrors

Adding more mirrors in your home can create an illusion of a larger or more spacious space. They are also a perfect way of adding more lighting to a space, making the room more inviting and welcoming.

Explore a few quirky styles or show off your décor style using a mirror that may become a focal point. You can also have some fun with placement. For instance, prop mirrors against the wall or hang new ones above the couch.

The Takeaway

Like most homeowners, you want to give your home a facelift without spending a lot of money. With these simple upgrades from the pros, you can easily make your outdated home look like new without breaking the bank.

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