Flutter for App Development: Why Successful Companies Are Using Flutter to Build Their Apps?

In the evolving tech development marketplace, the one thing destined to happen is the digitalization of business. After the post-COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have realized the potential to take their business online. However, the most significant point of concern is choosing the right technical stack for their app development that suits their needs and aligns with their budget. To tackle this, Flutter has become a boon for business owners. According to Statista, around 46% of software developers have chosen Flutter for app development needs. 

Traditional businesses and large enterprises, including many Fortune 500 companies, have also chosen Flutter for their app development in 2023-24. The major reason for the drastic growth of Flutter amongst business owners as well as developers is its cross-platform functionality and the hot reload, amongst other features that save both time and money.

The other features of Flutter include its ability to build visually appealing and high-performance applications across multiple platforms. The extensive widget library offered by Flutter allows developers to create highly functional User interfaces in record time. However, these are just the facts about Flutter and its efficiency in building performant applications.If you are also a business owner and confused about Flutter being your go-to option for cross-platform app development get in touch with a Flutter App Development company

Successful Organizations that Use Flutter For App Development:

Let us consider a few real-life examples of big brands utilizing Flutter for their app development. 

  1. Google Ads

One of the best-known scenarios is Google Ads of Flutter for app development. It allows users to customize advertisements and campaigns according to their interests. They chose Flutter due to its cross-platform capability, streamlining the development process, and saving time and resources. Because of Flutter, the Google Ads application is more insightful and reliable. It provides users with improved insights, quick campaign alerts, campaign data, and the ability to reach out to Google experts through the app.  

  1. Google Pay

One of the well-known online payment applications created by Google is Google Pay. Google’s user base uses both Android and iOS platforms. This means they have to write the code two times, once for iOS and once for Android. Therefore, they chose Flutter for app development because of its cross-platform capability, which allowed them to save 60-70% on development time.    

  1. Stadia

Stadia is a gaming platform developed by tech giant Google. The development team of Stadia used Flutter for app development during its prototyping phase. Because of the Flutter framework, users can play 3A games instantly on various devices without downloading the game and purchasing any expensive console. 

  1. Nubank

Nubank is one of the largest independent banks. They needed to develop new applications speedily without sacrificing quality. Earlier, their Android and iOS teams could not coordinate properly where one team was launching a new feature before the other, and they had to write the code twice, which was a waste of time and energy for the developers. Therefore, Nubank decided to use Flutter for app development and needs to use cross-platform capabilities to overcome issues related to native teams. They have acknowledged that Flutter has been a game-changer for them as it enables them to scale without sacrificing the quality.

  1. Reflectly

It is a modern application that helps to track users’ moods. They were utilizing React Native before Flutter but had a significant setback. The application failed to deliver a consistent user experience on multiple platforms. Therefore, their team decided to switch to Flutter for app development. They have seen a 50% decrease in development time, and their monthly active user base has grown by 10%.

  1. BMW

In the year 2018 BMW found that they are having some disparities in their application across different platforms. Therefore they were in need to develop an app that provide similar feature and user experience across different mobile platforms. Later on the engineers of BMW decided that they will go with Flutter and the reason was its cross-platform nature, scalability and user experience. This application allows users to control their vehicles from their smartphones and is available for Android and iOS platforms

  1. Hamilton

Hamilton is a platform for music fans. The creators of Hamilton decided to develop an application to allow users to interact with their favorite characters seamlessly. They choosed Flutter as they were willing to cover Android and iOS users. Later, their officials acknowledged that choosing Flutter for app development was an adequate decision as it saved time and money, and the development process was much quicker than other frameworks. 

  1. Dream 11

Dream 11 is a fantasy cricket application that originated in India. The main aim of the officials was to cross-platform solutions so that they could meet the demand of the wider user base. Therefore, they decided to go with Flutter for their application development need. 


This article discussed the renowned names within the tech development marketplace using the Flutter framework for their web app development. With the above stats and information, we can infer that Flutter is the ideal choice for web app development amongst many big names due to its cross-platform functionality and hot reload. Flutter for app development has become a game-changer for organizations willing to scale seamlessly without compromising quality, with less development time and cost and a rich user experience. If you want to make an application using Flutter, contact the company offering Flutter app development services. They will guide you through the app creation process.

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